The self-actuating pressure regulator with a piston actuator is designed to control the pressure in the installation and to keep the pressure upstream the valve at the desired level. It is especially suitable for those applications in which cold and hot water, oils, air and other gases with higher pressure ratings, within the range of 12-38 bar, need to be controlled.


The regulator comprises three main units:
• valve (01) with pressure - balanced plug;
• actuator with piston, which constitutes its regulating component part (02);
• control pressure adjuster (03).


• single-seated regulator with pressure - balanced plug
• high tightness of the shut-off due to the application of plugs with PTFE, EPDM and NBR sealings
• wide range of Kvs flow coefficients available
• steel and stainless steel materials used design reducing the noise level or increasing the resistance to cavitation
• konstrukcje ograniczające poziom hałasu lub zwięszające odporność na kawitacje
• when assembling the regulator, connecting impulse pipes is not required


The self-actuating pressure regulator is a regulating device which is driven by the flowing medium that provides the necessary energy to control the valve’s operation. The regulator is closed under normal operating conditions; the increase in regulated pressure causes the valve to open. The impulse of regulated pressure, as measured upstream the valve (01), is applied to the actuator chamber through the impulse pipe (02) and the force acting on the actuator piston, which is caused by the regulated pressure, is counterbalanced by the spring(s) tension in the adjuster set (03).Thus, the change in the regulated pressure in relation to that one set by the adjuster causes a proportional change in the position of the valve plug until reaching the regulated pressure setpoint value.

Technical data
Regulator's SizeDN 15; 20; 25; 32; 40; 50; 65; 80; 100; 125; 150; 200;
Nominal pressurePN 16; 40
Kvs coefficientKvs 0,6 ... 250 m3/h
Max. fluid temp0 / +240°C
Setting ranges12,0 ... 38,0 bar
Flow characteristicslinear
Leakage class• IV class PN-EN 60534-4
• VI class PN-EN 60534-4
Body Materials• staliwo węglowe GP240GH (1.0619)
• staliwo kwasoodporne GX5CrNiMo 19-11-2, (1.4408)
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